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Responsibilities Of A Guardian In Tulsa, Oklahoma

“If I Become A Guardian, What Do I Have To Do?”

This is one of the most common questions I am asked. Taking on legal guardianship of a family member is a serious responsibility, though not usually an arduous one. Guardians take on the decision-making powers for and responsibility of their loved one when he or she is unable to take care of these things for himself or herself.

My name is Maureen J. Knudson and I have helped many families secure guardianship of their loved ones. Having the legal ability to make important decisions for a family member who is incapacitated can save considerable time and effort. As your lawyer, I can explain the responsibilities of a guardian in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and help you determine what form of guardianship is best for your loved one.

Types Of Guardianship In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, And The Surrounding Areas

Guardians have several responsibilities that fall into two main areas:

Guardianship of the person — A general guardian makes all decisions for the ward (person under guardianship) regarding his or her person. The guardian’s job is to ensure that the ward’s needs are met. The general guardian has authority over:

  • Medical decisions
  • Living arrangements
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Transportation

Guardianship of the estate — The financial guardian makes all of the decisions regarding the ward’s money and property. His or her job is to manage the ward’s finances and ensure that bills are paid. He or she also has authority over all contracts in the ward’s name, which may help prevent the ward being taken advantage of. Responsibilities include:

  • Managing investments
  • Paying bills
  • Managing insurance plans
  • Controlling the amount of cash which the ward can access

There is also the ability to have a limited guardianship, when the ward is still fairly functional but needs help making major decisions about complex subjects, such as medical care and finances.

Family members can be co-guardians, and work together or they can split the duties with one person acting as guardian of the person and the other acting as guardian of the estate. Guardians are required to file a yearly report on the ward’s status. If the report is not filed, the guardian or guardians may be removed.

The goal behind guardianship is to allow the ward to be in the least restrictive environment while still ensuring his or her safety and that his or her needs are met. An attorney can help you petition for guardianship of a loved one and help you create a plan for his or her future.

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