Maureen J. Knudson, P.C.
Tulsa Probate and Guardianship Attorney
Call Today: 918-747-1400

Call Today: 918-747-1400

Tulsa Probate Law Attorney

If you have been appointed executor through a will, or administrator of an estate without a will, you may feel overwhelmed by the complexities of estate administration. With help from a knowledgeable probate lawyer, you can ensure the estate is settled according to the wishes of the deceased and in accordance with state and federal laws.

I am Maureen J. Knudson, an experienced attorney providing trusted advice for a variety of estate and probate administration matters. This may include matters such as distribution of property, debt settlement, dealing with minor or incapacitated heirs and real estate disputes. I can meet one on one with you to discuss your situation, and explain the necessary steps for estate administration and probate. Throughout the process, I will diligently and efficiently manage your case, looking for opportunities to save you valuable time and court costs, and exploring potential alternatives to probate.

In addition to providing legal needs, I assist my clients from outside of Oklahoma with finding reputable local sources for property sales and other needs related to settling the estate.

Contact me at 918-747-1400 to discuss your concerns about probate and estate administration.

Dedicated Tulsa County Estate Administration Lawyer

The complexities of probate administration can be a challenge, but that challenge is increased if you are in a blended family. Failure to plan or make appropriate estate plan changes after divorce or remarriage can result in unintended disputes.

As a skilled attorney, I have assisted many blended families with their estate and probate issues. Whether you are a new spouse, ex-spouse, child, stepchild or other family member, I can provide an honest assessment of your rights and options.

For a free, 30-minute consultation with a Tulsa probate law lawyer, Contact me by e-mail or phone at 918-747-1400. I offer evening and weekend appointments, and strive to answer phone calls within 24 hours.