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Call Today: 918-747-1400

Tulsa Adult Guardianship Attorney

Through an adult guardianship, a trusted family or friend can take over the medical and financial decisions of an incapacitated person. If you are seeking to serve as guardian for a loved one, a knowledgeable lawyer can prepare necessary documentation and guide you through the appointment process.

I am Maureen J. Knudson, an attorney with more than 30 years of experience. I take pride in helping developmentally disabled and mentally incapacitated adults and their families with their guardianship issues. I have helped with more than 100 adult and elder guardianship cases, including those involving people with Alzheimer’s and dementia issues.

As a skilled estate lawyer, I also can help with special needs trusts that allow the beneficiary to continue to receive Social Security disability or government benefits.

Contact me at 918-747-1400 to discuss your adult guardianship options.

Guardianship for Disabled Adults in Tulsa County

According to the Oklahoma Guardianship and Conservatorship Act, the following steps need to be completed for an adult guardianship appointment:

  • File a petition with the district court
  • Consent to a background check
  • Attend a district court hearing to establish guardianship
  • Develop a guardianship plan for care and finances

As your attorney, I can assist you through the entire guardianship process, from preparing a petition to appointment and plan development. If other issues come that I am unable to address, I will refer you to reputable resources in the community to help.

Durable Power of Attorney

An alternative to guardianship is establishing a durable power of attorney for finances or health care decisions. Durable powers of attorney need to be signed before the person becomes mentally incapacitated. When considering this option, remember that the person granting durable power of attorney must have sufficient mental capacity to understand what he or she is signing. No matter what your age, consider having a durable power of attorney to put the choice of who makes decisions for you in your hands.

Guardianship Voucher Program

The Developmental Disabilities Services Division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services offers their clients a guardianship voucher program that reimburses the cost of legal fees associated with guardianship services. I accept vouchers for uncontested guardianship matters in Tulsa County, Creek County and Rogers County and the surrounding area.

For a free, 30-minute consultation with a Tulsa adult guardianship lawyer, Contact me by e-mail or phone at 918-747-1400. I offer evening and weekend appointments, and strive to answer phone calls within 24 hours.